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Tribal Park Touring & Adventures
Black's Jeep and Horse Tours
There are two main tours that you can take.  The first one begins at The Black's
Stables that very with distance and points of interests and the amount of time it
takes; from 3 miles to 6 miles or more.  The horseback trail rides are exclusive to
the trail rides with guides.  
The second locale is within the Tribal Park, where you will sign up at the top
booth touring loading area or down in the valley (about 2 miles) on the
unrestricted route in the Valley.
Hiking Adventures takes you across the tops of scenic mesas that only few lucky
people ever see.  The vantage points are a photographers dream and that in
itself will give you a new visual inspiration of the earth and its forms.
The guides have much knowledge about the best places to capture the
experience of what you want.
Generally, there are two places of interest in the Monument Valley Tribal Park
area, the first is a guided tour into the Park Valley itself and the other lies just
south of the Park called Mystery Valley.  Both have their unique features of
Petroglyphs, pottery, traces of ancient dwellings, animals, ruins, arches and
unique land forms.
Lodging is available in cultural Navajo style in a Hoghan.  The round Hogan is a
female based dwelling where the Mother and her family live.  The efficiency is
very surprisingly apparent once you enter it.  The comfort is matchless as the
senses are filled with natural feel once you are  inside.
If you happen to be more curious about the culture of the Navajo, the Black's
are more than willing to display arts and crafts of this region.  We are
considered the Heart of the Navajo in this area, therefore, most of the works
and crafts are very original and
Gift Shop and Curios
Lodging in a Traditional Hogan
Jeep & Open air Tour
Horseback tours
Hiking adventure